Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jacob's Pen 6

Today's post remembers a poignant event through the voice of Frederick, Maryland, diarist Jacob Engelbrecht. If interested in attending Wednesday's commemorations in Charles Town, West Virginia, you will find information here.

Jacob's pen writes:

Execution this day - Captain John Cook & Edwin Coppie (Coppoc)white men and Shields Green & John Copland (John Anthony Copeland, Jr.) Negroes are to be hung at Charlestown, Jefferson County Virginia for treason and murder at Harpers Ferry Virginia on the 16 17 & 18th of October 1859. John Brown the leader of the conspirators was hung on the 2d instant the black men are to be hung this forenoon & the white men this afternoon.
- Friday December 16th 1859 9 o'clock AM

P.S. 2 1/2 o'clock PM December 16 Shields Green, & John Copeland were hung at 15 minutes after 11 o'clock. Cooks Corpse will be taken to Brooklyn New York & buried tomorrow (December 17, 1859). Edwin [Coppoc] corpse was taken to Ohio to be buried.

Edwin Coppoc

John E. Cook

John Anthony Copeland, Jr.

Although events surrounding John Brown's Raid are winding down, the Jacob's Pen series is just under way, as we will continue to witness the Civil War period throughout the sesquicentennial through the eyes of our favorite diarist. For brief summaries and biographies of those events and historical figures covered in the John Brown segments, click here.

All Engelbrecht photos and diary entries in the "Jacob's Pen" series come directly from The Diary of Jacob Engelbrecht, published by The Historical Society of Frederick County, Inc.


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